Review: Accepting the Unexpected by Mollie Jo Joseph

Accepting the Unexpected - Mollie Jo Joseph

Self-published (25th June 2017) 




Source:  Author provided review copy


Rating:  4*



Whoever said love hurts... was not lying!

When Leila Pierce, a creative director for a magazine named "Sleek" got brutally ditched by the man she thought she was going to end up with, that was just the start of her life being turned upside down. After the heartbreaking betrayal, she then found herself in a dark emotional tunnel, veering towards depression.
She finds herself packing her bags and leaving Cornwall, England and heading to New York to help Sleek international magazine make it big in the US. Leila is great at her job, and this means she can quell any anxiety over this amazing opportunity, and when she somehow gets introduced to Blake Collins, an actor and model, things start to look up. 
To add more drama to the mix, she also meets the mysterious Richard Speal, a retired NFL player with a drinking problem and some pretty big emotional baggage of his own. She finds herself inexplicably drawn to Richard—could they be kindred spirits?
How could she possibly fall for another man when she's still broken from the last one? And the bigger question is: which man? 
The one that is too good to be true?
The mysterious one? 
The one she thought she was supposed to be with in the first place?
Too many questions and not enough answers. She needs to work all this out and impress her boss, Miranda Cain, editor and chief at Sleek NY by making the magazine a success. That's a lot for anyone to deal with right?



This book was very much an unexpected treat! Central character Leila is finding her feet in a strange city, and attracting the attention of more than one gorgeous man. Leila is vulnerable and rather naïve, but rather likeable. During the course of the book, we discover Leila is suffering from depression and anxiety. This subject is covered sensitively, you can tell the author has researched the subject well.

Leila's flatmate Jessie, boss Miranda, Blake & Richard are well written and all important to the plot, which is a twist on the classic love triangle. Other minor characters that appear have their part to play too, and are intelligently written. I did guess from their first meeting who Leila would end up with, but that really didn't matter as I still enjoyed the story very much.

This book could definitely do with a proofread and edit. This would tidy up all the little mistakes and give the book a more polished feel. Readers of chick lit will enjoy this heartwarming tale of romance in the Big Apple. Special thanks to the author for providing me with a review copy in return for my honest review.