Review: The Truth by Peter James

The Truth - Peter James

Published by: Orion (2nd August 2007 -reprint)


ISBN: 978-1407220505


Source:  Purchased 


Rating: 4.5*



Susan and John Carter are crazy about each other and life is perfect but for one thing - they are on the brink of financial disaster. Surely being a surrogate mother to another man's child won't harm such a strong relationship? Especially when the mysterious Mr Sarotzini is offering to save their home and business - everything they've worked for.

What seems to be a perfect solution begins to feel like an impossible situation. Susan's pregnancy is disturbingly painful but no-one will tell her why. It becomes apparent that Sarotzini wields immense power and Susan begins to doubt everything she knows. As she realises the terrifying origin of the dark forces Sarotzini controls she is in fear for herself and John but most of all for her unborn baby ...



What seems like the perfect solution to the Carter's financial problems is the central theme of this horrific tale. Cleverly written, with dark characters and terrifying, grotesque attention to detail, the couple's involvement with the mysterious Satotzini and Susan's ensuing pregnancy are described in meticulous detail. Susan's dreams, in particular, a hard image to shake from the mind.


Although this book is gruesome in parts, I was utterly compelled to keep reading. I had to find out what happened to Susan and her baby. I picked this book up in the hospital as I had nothing with me to read and a long wait ahead. I thought I might be mildly entertained, perhaps pass the few hours, I certainly wasn't expecting it to be so gripping! I've read a couple of books by the author in the past, although not for some time. Why I've not read more, I'm not sure, but I'll definitely be reading more of his work in the future!