Review: The Alchemy of Reality by Andy Echevarria

The Alchemy of Reality - Andy Echevarria

Self-published (January 4 2016)


  • ASIN: B01A7JEV6M



Join us on the ride through a kaleidoscope of mystery and intrigue. In these ten tales of suspense, the lines between fact and reality blur, challenging one's notions of everyday life. Eerie, poignant, and at times inspiring, this collection of never-before-seen stories will transport you to a world where the supernatural abounds alongside the banal, and nothing is what it seems...



This collection of ten short stories contained some that I enjoyed now than others. There were a couple that I feel had the potential to develop into much longer pieces of work, 

Elevator and Wunderkind. On the whole a good read.Thanks to the author for providing a review copy in return for my honest review.