Review: Midnight in Malmö (Inspector Anita Sundström #4) by Torquil MacLeod

Midnight in Malmö (Inspector Anita Sundstrom Mysteries) - Torquil MacLeod

Published by: McNidder & Grace (30th March 2016)


ISBN: 978-0857161307


Source: Publisher


Rating: 5*



When a woman is stabbed to death while jogging in Malmö's main park, the Criminal Investigation Squad need to discover who she is before the case can properly get under way. Soon they realise the victim had flown in from Switzerland, and with links to important people in the city, she wasn't everything she seemed.


Meanwhile, enjoying the hot summer away from Malmö, Anita Sundström is on her annual leave and is showing Kevin Ash the sights of Skåne. Their holiday is interrupted by the apparent suicide of a respected, retired diplomat. After a further death, Anita finds herself unofficially investigating a case that has its roots in the 1917 chance meeting of a Malmö waiter with the world s most famous revolutionary. All she knows is that the answers lie in Berlin.



Anita Sundström is one of my favourite female detectives. I feel I've got to know her quite well over the first three Malmö mysteries, and was looking forward to seeing her outside the work setting in this latest book. I was hoping for some more interactions with Kevin as this gave another dimension to the last case. Seems Torquil MacLeod granted both my wishes!


The case of the murdered jogger is not as simple as it first seems, and Anita cannot help herself but get involved, dragging Kevin along for the ride. I love their fledgling relationship, it brings a bit of light relief from the disturbing case. Kevin is a great character; he's likeable, believable and funny, exactly the sort of person I can see Anita falling for. As they work together to investigate the case, their professional appreciation for each other seems to grow too. It really felt like I was rooting for two friends, in both their relationship and the case, instead of characters in a book. I was completely drawn into the story, so much so that I was oblivious to everything happening around me; I was completely engrossed.


If you're a fan of crime thrillers and you haven't discovered Torquil MacLeod, you're really missing out. Midnight in Malmö is intriguing and utterly compelling. I can't wait to read about Anita Sundström's next case!


Thanks to Torquil MacLead and McNidder & Grace for providing me with a copy of this book in return for my honest review.