Review: Healing Spices by Kirsten Hartvig

Healing Spices Cookbook: 50 Wonderful Spices, and How to Use Them in Healthgiving, Immunity-boosting Foods and Drinks - Kirsten Hartvik

Publisher: Nourish (19th April 2016)


ISBN: 9781848991545


Source: Netgalley


Rating: 5*



Cloves from the Moluccas, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, pepper from the Malabar coast, chillis from Peru – for over 4,000 years spices have been used to bring recipes to life, as well as to enhance beauty and vitality, and treat and prevent disease. They have enriched our language and our folklore, excited our senses and inspired us to explore new culinary vistas. As we seek to live more healthily, the near-magical ability of spices to transform simple foods into memorable feasts can help us to rebalance our diet in fun and satisfying ways, and their powerful health-protecting and immune-stimulating properties enable us to deal more effectively with the stresses of modern living. The Healing Spices Cookbook will show you how to make the most of your spicerack and discover just how tasty healthy eating can be. Renowned nutritionist and naturopath Kirsten Hartvig offers over 100 delicious and easy recipes from around the world, from starters and preserves to confectionery and liqueurs. Also included in the book is a detailed directory of spices, featuring profiles of the healthiest, most popular kinds, including ginger, paprika, saffron and tamarind. This is a one-stop, easy-to-use, practical guide to the colourful world of spices, telling you all you need to know about buying, storing and using them so you can release their full potential for improving well-being and vitality.



I was so pleased when publisher Nourish granted my wish on Netgalley and this book arrived on my shelf. I use quite a lot of spices, and I'm always eager to discover new ways to incorporate them in my diet.


Each spice has it's own place in the directory, with details of origin, uses, and buying and storing pointers. I learned a lot about the spices I already use, and discovered some new spices too.


The recipe section is fantastic. I've tried several of the recipes now, and have been suitably impressed. I've decided to buy a print copy to add to my cookbook collection, as I'll be using the recipes lots more in the future. I'd recommend this book to those who already like to use spices in their cooking, baking and in drinks, and those who are keen to get to know spices better.


Special thanks to Nourish and Netgalley for granting my wish and placing this book on my shelf.