Review: Missing in Malmö (Inspector Anita Sundström #3) by Torquil MacLeod

Missing in Malmö - Torquil MacLeod

Publisher: McNidder & Grace Crime (10th December 2015)


ISBN: 978-0857161154


Source: Publisher provided review copy


Rating: 5*



When a British heir hunter fails to return home after a trip to Malmö, Inspector Anita Sundström doesn't want to get entangled in a simple missing person's case. She shows a similar reluctance when her ex-husband begs her to find his girlfriend, who seems to have disappeared. But when the mysteries take a sinister turn, Sundström finds herself inextricably involved in both baffling affairs, one of which seems to be connected to a robbery that took place twenty years earlier. As the cases begin to unravel, tragedy awaits the investigating team in the third Anita Sundström Malmö mystery.



Having read and enjoyed the first two Anita Sundström mysteries, I was eagerly looking forward to this third instalment. Torquil MacLeod has an engaging writing style that is easy to read and draws you from the outset.


The two missing persons cases that form the plot are both intriguing and confounding, and as Anita and her team delve further, some astonishing facts are revealed. Just when I thought I knew who had done what, another revelation was revealed. There are more twists and turns here than your average rollercoaster!


Feisty Anita Sundström is one of the most fascinating characters I've come across in the last couple of years, so getting to learn more about her personal story in Missing in Malmö was a much appreciated bonus to this fantastic story. Her trip to the UK, accompanied by her amusing perceptions of British mannerisms, adds a touch of humour that is both welcome and unexpected.


Thanks to McNidder & Grace for the review copy, which was provided in return for my honest review.