Review: Haints Stay by Colin Winnette

Haints Stay - Colin Winnette

Publisher: No Exit Press (24 March 2016)


ISBN-13: 978-1843448341


Source: Real Readers


Rating: 3*



Brooke and Sugar are contract killers without a contract. Bird is the 13-year-old who appears in their camp one night, with no memory and palms as smooth as stones. Driven from town after a bathhouse brawl, it's only a matter of time before the sheriffs will find them. Before the cannibals and stampedes and marauders will find them. Before the past will clamber up from where they buried it, covered in animal skins and teeth. 



At the beginning of this book, I found Brooke and Sugar quite intriguing, as there was a lot of mystery surrounding the characters themselves as well as what they were up to, and the story started off strong. I found the story got rather sidetracked and my attention wandered off with it as I found my mind wandering on to other things.

Haints Stay is a novel in the 'acid western' genre, which I'm not familiar with, so perhaps this is the reason I found it so very difficult to get into. Disappointing.