Review: The Girls in the Woods (Annie Graham #5) by Helen Phifer

The Girls In The Woods (The Annie Graham Series, Book 5) - Helen Phifer

Published by: Carina UK (12th January 2016)


ISBN: 978-1474047432


Source: NetGalley


Rating: 4*



Annie Ashworth is currently off duty. With her baby bump growing fast, she is under strict instructions to stay away from police work and look after herself, especially as she has a history of leading danger right to her door. So when her police officer husband, Will, is called to the discovery of a skeleton buried out in the local woods, Annie tries to keep out of the investigation. But as another body is discovered and her own niece suddenly goes missing, staying away just isn’t an option.


As Annie is soon to discover, a picture really does tell a thousand stories. But which one leads to a killer?



Although I've not read the previous four Annie Graham books, I didn't find I was struggling to get to know the characters as this rad well as a stand alone novel.


Annie is a nice character who reminds me of someone, but I can't think who. I think it's a female cop from a tv programme or possibly another book. She has that slight vulnerability and sheer stubbornness, and doesn't let her pregnancy get in the way of trying to crack a case she shouldn't even be involved in.


I like the plot, but found some of it a bit predictable. Having said that, there are some twists in The Girls in the Woods  that make it quite exciting, including one I really didn't forsee.


Thanks to Carina and NetGalley for providing a copy in return for an honest review.