Review: Untouchable by Ava Marsh

Untouchable - Ava Marsh


Published by: Random House UK, Transworld (13th August 2015)


ISBN: 978-0552171205


Source: NetGalley


Rating: 4.5*



‘If you start feeling anything for a client – and it does happen – count the money. That always brings you back down to earth.’

Stella is an escort, immersed in a world of desire, betrayal and secrets. It’s exactly where she wants to be. Stella used to be someone else: respectable, loved, safe. But one mistake changed all that.

When a fellow call girl is murdered, Stella has a choice: forget what she’s seen, or risk everything to get justice for her friend. In her line of work, she’s never far from the edge, but pursuing the truth could take her past the point of no return.

Nothing is off limits. Not for her – and not for them.
But no one is truly untouchable.



I started reading this last night, with the intention of just making a start by reading a few chapters. It's now almost 4a.m. and I've just read the final page, realising with a start that I've been reading solidly for the past several hours with no recollection of anything apart from this fantastic novel.


Stella is a great character, feisty and likeable. She's very matter of fact about how she makes her living, hiding her true identity from her clients and keeping her real life very much separate. The interaction with her clients is professional and the description of these is intricate without being sensational - a refreshing change to have a book with all of the detail but none of the cringe-worthy wording or scenarios!


I'm glad I got the opportunity to read Untouchable and recommend it to my fellow readers, whatever their preferred genre. There's a bit of everything here - crime, thriller, suspense, mystery, psychological, erotica... Read it; you won't be disappointed.