Review: The Dargan Prophecy by John Paul O'Prey

The Dargan Prophecy - John Paul O' Prey

Self-published (6th June 2014)





An archaeological dig at a site of historical interest leads to the discovery of missing local girl Roisin Donnelly. After a brief autopsy a double murder investigation is launched. The victim was ten weeks pregnant and the foetus carries the suspected killer’s DNA. An associate of the deceased, Lucy Feeney, has information that could rock the local community but is reluctant to come forward.

As the net closes in, community relations are strained and - as an ancient prophecy carved in stone is interpreted - evidence reveals a sinister network among society’s elite. Why was Roisin killed and who is her killer? What revelation does the prophecy contain? Step into the mystery and discover - The Dargan Prophecy.



The Dargan Prophecy is full of information and sub-plots  - the perfect book to really get your teeth into. The rich description of the Irish environment really brings this book to life, and the numerous complex characters make this a cleverly detailed novel. John Paul O'Prey twists the sub-plots together with his talent for storytelling with more than a touch of mystery, resulting in a fabulous book of intricate detail.