Review: Dogtology by J. Lazarus

Dogtology: Live. Bark. Believe. - Jeff Lazarus

Published by: Greenleaf Book Group (19th March 2015)


ISBN: 9781626341388


Source: NetGalley


Rating: 5*



Dog· tol· o· gy
1. The belief in Dog.
2. The system of rituals, practices, and behaviors engaged in by Dogtologists.

Chew on this. As humans, we have a deep need to believe . . . a need to relate to something greater and more ideal than ourselves. Perhaps that’s why so many millions believe in Dog. Man’s devotion to Dog has come to rival the great -isms and -ologies of the world. This has gone way beyond a hobby. We may not literally worship Dogs, but we come pawfully close. This rabid reverence for Rover has a name: It’s called Dogtology. Dogtology is for the dog lover who has bailed on a date because they didn’t want Twinkles to be left home alone, for the human whose dog owns a more festive holiday wardrobe than they do, those whose pups dine on free-range bison burgers while they live off ramen, or whose smartphones have more photos of their dog than of the humans in their family.

Live. Bark. Believe. Dogtology is a humorous exploration of man’s fanatical devotion to Dog. In this book, Lazarus makes the case that Dogtology has become a bone-a-fide belief system on par with the world’s great philosophies and religions.



Everything about this book appeals to me. I'm a long time dog owner who dotes on the two rather large canines that share our home. Dogtology was written by an obviously kindred spirit who posesses a terrific sense of humour about all things Dog.


This book made me laugh out loud, it's just fantastic! My fellow dog lovers will completely get it and recommend it to ask their friends, as will I. It cleverly sums up our relationships with our canines in a brilliant way and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to Read it.


Up until this point, I have always selected the 'none' option when questioned about my religion. Now, I will proudly declare that I am a dogtologist. It's true - our dogs are our children, our fur-babies and they rule our lives. And we wouldn't have it any other way.


Thanks to the publisher for supplying a review copy via NetGalley, in return for my honest review.