Review: The Wilds by Kit Tinsley

The Wilds - Kit Tinsley

Self-published (11th March 2014) 


ISBN: 978-149731987


Source: author provided review copy 


Rating: 3*



Something is roaming the countryside, and people are vanishing. 

When his older brother disappears, Karl Morgan returns to the sleepy town of his youth, desperate for answers. He meets local reporter, Jason Flynn, who is convinced that there is a wild big cat at large in the fields and woods around the town. Karl and Jason set off to investigate the disappearances and the legendary 'Darton Beast'. 

Standing in their way is D.C.I Jon Pearce a man willing to keep secrets and break the rules for the greater good. Pearce blames Flynn for ruining his career and will do anything he can to discredit him. 

As Karl and Jason get closer to the truth, the stakes become higher. Will they discover the big cat, or something far worse? 

Horror and suspense combine in a climax that will answer the most important question, who will survive The Wilds?



The characters are quite likeable, but I found the story a little predictable and the big cat killer idea is nothing new. Despite the slight twist, my interest waned in the middle and I struggled to finish it.


The amount of errors in this book really put me off, it could do with proofreading and editing to make it more readable.

In spite of my misgivings regarding The Wilds, I'd probably read another title by the author