Review: The Mourner by Susan Wilkins

The Mourner - Miss Susan Wilkins

Published by: Pan Macmillan (21st May 2015)


ISBN: 978-1447241447


Source: Publisher provided review copy; Netgalley


Rating: 4.5*



If she can't get justice, will she settle for vengeance?


Kaz Phelps has escaped her brother and her criminal past to become an anonymous art student in Glasgow. But can life under the witness protection scheme ever give her the freedom she craves?

Banged up and brooding, Joey Phelps faces thirty years behind bars. Still, with cash and connections on the outside, can an overstretched prison system really contain him?


Helen Warner, once Kaz's lawyer and lover, is a rising star in Parliament. But has she made the kind of enemies who have no regard for the democratic process, or even the law?


Ousted from the police and paralysed by tragic personal loss, Nicci Armstrong is in danger of going under. Can a job she doesn't want with a private security firm help her to put her life back back on track?


A murder dressed up as suicide and corruption that goes to the heart of government unite ex-cop and ex-con in a deadly quest to learn the truth. What they discover proves what both have always known - villainy is rife on both sides of the law.



I was really looking forward to reading the follow-up to Wilkins' debut, The Informant, after reading it last year. Kaz is a fascinating, complex character to read, so I was intrigued to discover the next part of her story.


The main characters - Kaz, Nicci and Joey - are supported by some great personalities who add to the absorbing sub-plots that surround the predominant case. It's through interaction with these people that more about Kaz, Nicci and Joey is gradually revealed.


That Wilkins is a screenwriter is evident in her writing; the attention to detail and wonderfully descriptive prose meant the book played out like a film in my head. All the sights, sounds and smells leapt to life from the pages - something not many authors can accomplish. I know I'd be a huge fan of a tv series adapted from this series of books.


Susan Wilkins is a fantastic thriller writer who stands out in the overcrowded market; she's a brilliant storyteller and certainly one to watch.



 *I was provided with a review copy of this novel by the publisher and via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review*