Get a FREE 2 week trial of dog food!

As lots of you are fellow dog owners, I thought I'd share this with you.


My dogs, Alfie and Tilly, recently trialled a new kind of dog food. It's a complete dry food from and is personalised to your pet's needs - breed, age and issues such as digestive sensitivity and problem skin.


I'll admit I was sceptical, but figured I had nothing to lose with the free 2 week trial. The food arrived and I spent a few days weaning Alfie and Tilly onto it. Tilly can be fussy, but she loves this food, as does Alfie; their bowls are clean every time!


With your food, you receive a scoop that you adjust to the given size, making sure your dog gets the right amount of food for them. Feed other food such as wet or table scraps? No problem - just let the Tails team know!

The lovely people at Tails send timed deliveries, ensuring you never run out.


To get your 2 week free trial (£1 p&p) in the UK, simply go to Tails and enter the code CLAIR3S2


Hope your dogs enjoy it as much as mine do!