Review: Hellborne (The ARC Chronicles #2) by Matthew W. Harrill

Hellborne (The ARC Chronicles) (Volume 2) - Matthew W Harrill

Self-published (25th April 2015)


Source: review copy provided by author


Rating: 4*



It has been merely months since the events in ‘Hellbounce’, and those months have been amongst the happiest in Eva’s life. Her child has grown, and she has blossomed. Her friends are safe, and she is at peace with the world. 

But outside the bubble that encapsulates her world, events have not stood still as she was led to believe. There were those that witnessed the terrifying events, those that saw the woman stood atop the mountain, those who have not stopped asking questions. They are out there, and they are after her, for her sake, or for theirs. 

Events catch up with Eva, as isolated as she is, and she is forced to deal once more with the highest authority: The ruling council of Anges de la Réssurection des Chevaliers. ARC. Unyielding. Unwavering. Absolutely dead set on a goal only they truly perceive, they force Eva to consider her future with Madden. 

Against her better judgement, and with Madden and Elaine, a close friend from the recent troubles, Eva agrees to undertake one more journey, knowing that at any moment, her child could make an entrance into the world..


 My Review: 

When I've particularly enjoyed the first book in a series, I approach the second with mixed feelings; I'm excited yet anxious! Will it be as good as the first? What will happen to my favourite characters? I know I'm not alone in feeling like this and that my emotions will resonate with many readers.


Hellborne picks up where Hellbounce finished, carrying on with the story of Eva and Madden. As the couple try to evade danger as they make their journey, Eva's pregnancy progresses too. The couple don't have many moments alone, but there are some quite touching scenes between the two. They are also fiercely jealous, which seems a little excessive. This is a fairly new relationship, however, so the posessiveness is almost justified. There are good reasons for it too...


I enjoyed the involvement of ARC in this book, it pulled all the elements of the story together and gave a different perspective. The confrontations are well written and the violence is not gratuitous or gory, merely descriptive. 


My only criticism is that the story didn't quite grip me as much as its predecessor, hence my slightly lower rating. Having said that, it's an exciting second instalment that fans of the first novel will enjoy.