Review: INK by Glenn Benest & Dale Pitman

INK - Dale Pitman, Glenn Benest

Published by:  The Larry Czerwonka Company (15th July 2015)


ISBN: 978-0692336182


Source:  Author


Rating: 5*



His studio has become his refuge and his prison—a place of boundless imagination and isolation. Brian Archer, creator of a series of successful graphic novels about a vengeful supernatural being called “The Highwayman,” has become a recluse after the adoration of a female fan turned to rage and violence. 

But all that changes when he meets a renowned and beautiful illustrator, A.J. Hart, who carries emotional scars of her own. Their work together is fueled by the unrequited passion they share and a mysterious bottle of black ink that arrives one day at Brian’s doorstep. 

The impossibly dark liquid has mystical properties, making their characters appear so real they eventually come to life, reigning terror on those who mean them harm and if not stopped—threatens to unleash an apocalypse on all mankind. Brian must break free of his self-imposed exile and solve the mystery that allowed these terrible creatures into the world. 


My Review:

When author Glenn Benest asked me to read and review INK, I was really not expecting such a thrilling rollercoaster ride! The prologue is mysteriously haunting, and it drew me into The Highwayman's dark and treacherous world in an instant.


What happened next was a complete surprise. Tortured writer Brian Archer is a fantastic and intriguing character, whose experiences have made him the person he is today; a recluse. He only leaves the house with his lawyer (and brother-in-law) and with his faithful german shepherd, Deke. 


A chance meeting brings Archer into contact with beautiful illustrator A.J. Hart, and together they work on The Highwayman's next mission,  A.J. breathing new life into the vengeful character. As their working relationship develops, it's lovely to see how their feelings for one another grow. The little nuances of their friendship are expertly written and very touching.


As the story continues to build, other forces come into play.. With twists and turns on every page, this is a novel I simply couldn't put down. It had me reading into the early hours, desperately turning the pages and trying to figure out what would happen next.


I devoured the story, I simply couldn't get enough. I cannot praise this book highly enough! If you want a thrilling read that keeps you up all night and makes you feel every emotion, buy INK!


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