Review: From the Ashes (Legend of the Liberator #1)

From the Ashes (Legend of the Liberator) (Volume 1) - Shelby K. Morrison

For eighteen years Aia Wynnald has lived a lie. Raised as a highborn in the Kingdom of Tharien, she’s filled her days with tutors and archery lessons. But simmering beneath her polite surface is a dangerous gift, one which she must keep a secret. Aia is a Bender. And in Tharien, Benders are feared and hunted. When her unruly power breaks free with dire repercussions, Aia’s lifelong goal of independence shatters. As she scrambles to piece her life back together while evading capture, she disturbs a vengeful force intent on destroying the kingdom. Now, with the help of an unlikely ally, Aia will decide the fate of Tharien. To rescue those she cares about will require accepting what she is. But can she risk becoming the monster she’s dreaded to save the very citizens baying for her blood?


Self-published on 2nd May 2015


ISBN-13: 978-1511761383


Source: I received a free digital copy in return for my honest review. Thanks to author Shelby K. Morrison


My Review:

I enjoyed this YA fantasy set in Tharien. The descriptions of the scenery, people and places are detailed enough to be believable and the characters are complex. I particularly like Aia and think she'll appeal to teen girls in particular. Having said that, there is plenty here for the boys too. Cole is a strong character with a few surprises up his sleeve that I didn't predict. I enjoyed it, and I'm interested to see what happens in book 2.