Review: Fury From Hell by Rochelle Campbell

Fury From Hell - Rochelle Campbell

Publication Date: 6th September 2014




Source:  Author provided review copy


Rating: 3*



Fury From Hell is a paranormal thriller about good vs. evil. Here, the good is in the form of Detective Jennifer Holden, a homocide cop that is haunted by her own personal demons of a murder she committed when she was just a teenager. The trauma she suffered at the hands of social agency after agency hardened Jennifer into a staunch atheist making her gun and her bank account the only things she truly believes in. 

We meet Detective Holden, shortly before she begins working on her first solo murder case. The victim is Kyma Barnes who was brutally raped and killed. As Kyma’s soul leaves her body, a demon being called by a coven of dark witches at nearby Prospect Park, is drawn to the dying woman by her death throes. Fury Abatu offers to avenge Kyma’s death. The price? The dying woman’s soul. Kyma gives it gladly to ensure the man who killed her pays dearly. 

At the crime scene, Jennifer becomes possessed by Fury Abatu. Hosts usually die a violent death within weeks of the initial possession. Detective Holden does not know she is possessed… 

With her own demise on the line, Jennifer must fight for her life and her very soul – something she’s not sure she even believes in – to rid herself of the dark force surrounding her and her friends. 

Can Jennifer be saved from the demon? Will she be able to find the faith to believe in something greater than herself and her material things? 

My Review:

Fury From Hell is Rochelle Campbell's debut novel and features quite a decent storyline. I'm a fan of supernatural books and tv, so Fury fits with my preferred genres. 


As is sometimes the case with self-published titles, there were numerous grammatical and other mistakes which I personally find rather get in the way of my enjoyment of the story. I completely understand that not everyone can afford to hire a professional proofreader and/or editor, but most of us will know someone who could give it a critical eye.


I liked Jennifer and Betty, found them to be likeable and believable - to a point - this is a fantasy book, after all! Their relationship was interesting, particularly in the last half of the book.


Although I did enjoy most aspects of this book, I felt there were a lot of unnecessary scenes that seemed to be padding. They didn't add anything to the story and could have been omitted. Having said that, the end felt a little too rushed.


**I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review**



About the Author:


Rochelle Campbell
The main thing about me? I've been writing since I was 12. The first complete story (including obligatory bad plotting) was in the 5th grade. A superhero with a gynormous head and a penchant for cursing up a blue streak (sorta like Will Smith's Hancock...) saves the day by melting glass when all of city's water was stolen by 'the bad guy'. [Uh-huh. Steven Spielberg watch out.]

Yet somehow, my teacher Mr. Lustbader, felt I had talent. Now, innumerable years later, I am still putting pen to page and fingers to keyboard. As many writers do, I started off with short stories and have now moved into novels. My first novel, "Fury From Hell" is a paranormal cop thriller set in Brooklyn, NY. Two fast-talking, irreverent cops -- Jennifer Holden and Betty Feinster -- are out saving lives and ridding the streets of Brooklyn from a demonic Fury. This book launches Tues, 9/9/14.

Writing makes me feel alive. It allows me to express the crazy side we all have within us. Writing is my way of staying sane. So, for me, writing is a process; not a problem.