Review: Dear Beneficiary by Janet Kelly

Dear Beneficiary - Janet Kelly

Publication Date: 19th March 2015


Publisher: Cutting Edge Press


ISBN: 978-1908122872


Source: Author provided ARC


Rating: 5*



Cynthia Hartworth is a feisty 60-year-old who, despite strong convictions that she has everything in her life under control, discovers the modern world isn’t always as it seems. Widowed in her late 50s after a lifetime of dutiful, but dull, marriage, she decides that life is for living and she takes on a number of activities with enthusiasm and energy—to the distress and discomfort of her family.


She embarks on a passionate affair with Darius, a 38-year-old Nigerian man she met at driving school, and is subsequently heartbroken when he has to return to Nigeria to tend to his sick parents, ending their relationship. Cynthia’s grandson, Tom, helps her connect to the Internet in her bid to try and contact Darius.


When she receives an email message asking for her bank details to help a friend who needs medical help, she assumes Darius is asking for her support. Because of her naivety and stoic resistance to warnings that she needs to be careful about communicating via email, she ends up traveling to Nigeria where she meets some very interesting people—including her kidnapper; the crass and vulgar Tracey, with whom she develops an unlikely friendship; and finally her former lover.


My Review:

A well written and highly entertaining debut that's a real page turner. Lively and providing lots of laugh-out-loud moments, I warmed to Cynthia immediately and followed her journey with glee. Janet Kelly's beautifully descriptive prose brought her to life so well, I felt like I knew her.


An inspiration, perhaps, for the older lady to reach for more than just the mundane life.


**I received an ARC of this book from the author, in return for my honest review**


A special thank you to Janet Kelly:

Oh Janet, thank you so much for being kind enough to send me one of the first review copies of your debut novel. It's such a lively, entertaining book and I absolutely devoured it!