Review: Forever Autumn by Christina Jones

Forever Autumn - Christina Jones

Publication Date: 22nd January 2015




Source: Free eBook


Rating: 4*


Book Description:

A heartwarming seasonal novella by best-selling author Christina Jones.

After a heartbreaking deception, Stephanie Gibson decides to move to the south coast and work as a nanny for the large and scatty Matthews family. They’re friendly and eccentric and Stephanie soon settles in. However, when she finds herself falling in love again, spectres from the past loom up.

Has Stephanie made another mistake, and will she ever be able to trust anyone again?


My Review:

I have been reading a lot of rather heavy novels of late, so thought this short romance story would bring a bit of welcome light relief.

Yes, it's a bit predictable. Yes, it's got a happy ending. But isn't that something we all need from time to time? This is a lovely, heartwarming short story that made me feel all warm inside. The characters are all well written, as is the tale itself. I'm glad I bought this when it was free, but I'd happily pay to read more of Christina Jones' romantic stories.