Review: Unfortunately Human by Ryan Haynes

Unfortunately Human - Ryan Haynes

Publication Date: 2nd September 2014


ISBN: 978-1501050503


Source: Author provided copy in return for an honest review


Rating:  3.5*




Unfortunately Human is a fast-paced survival story told with short brutally honest journal entries, a wild journey filled with madness, despair, love, sex, and heartbreak. It's a story that fans of all genres can enjoy, as there's something for everybody from fans of New Adult and Literary Fiction, Romance, Psychological Thrillers and Adventure, to fans of Transgressive Fiction, Dystopian and Classic novels.



A young standup comedian wakes up with a lock on his neck. His head is frozen, completely paralyzed. His body is under attack from the symptoms of some strange disease. His life spirals out of control as he falls deeper into madness and struggles to stay alive on the harsh streets of Hollywood... An entire story written in real-time, the narrator is writing the story as it's happening, not even he knows what's going to happen next...




I really wasn't sure about this book at the beginning, in fact, I almost abandoned it at around 35% in. As Unfortunately Human is self-published and the author asked me to review it, I decided to persevere. Pretty quickly, I found the story picked up when the main character decides to try to help his physical situation and his personal life.

From then on, the book was riveting, it's an unusual premise that is thoughtfully written. I'm so glad I decided to continue reading. This novel is well worth a read. 



About the author:

Ryan Haynes began his career as a standup comedian and comedy writer for National Lampoon. But his life took a drastic turn when the extreme symptoms of an autoimmune disease left his entire spine fused. While struggling to stay alive, he devoted his life to studying and learning about health. He overcame the disease, and completely rebuilt his body. He returned to deliver the innovative novel, Unfortunately Human.


He lives and writes in Los Angeles, where he is currently working on his next novel.

For more of his writing and all current information, visit: