Review: Dangerous Games (Rossetti & MacLane #1) by Jérôme Dumont

Dangerous games (Rossetti & MacLane Book 1) - Jérôme Dumont, Robyn Jaquays

Publication Date: 31st October 2014 (kindle), 3rd November 2014 (paperback)




ISBN: 978-1502978905


Source: Author provided review copy


Rating: 4*



What starts out as an ordinary divorce procedure ultimately takes lawyer Gabriel Rossetti and his client Amanda Deschamps on a thrilling adventure into the world of on-line gaming and personal data piracy.

From Nice to Montreal, at an accelerating pace set by an ever changing landscape of new technology, Gabriel and Amanda are drawn into a whirlwind of unexpected twists and turns that leave them – and the reader – breathless.

Relying on Gabriel’s valuable contacts and Amanda’s computer know-how, the duo has to unravel a dangerous web to save Amanda’s start-up video game company from falling victim to malicious players who have illegally stolen personal data from millions of on-line gamers.

See the universe of technology and video games in a light you never thought possible! You’ll never look at your smartphone the same way again…


This book has been translated from the original French version by Robyn Jaquays and is the first in the Rossetti & MacLane crime thriller series.

Author Jérôme Dumont provided me with a review copy in return for my honest review.



Dangerous Games has been well translated from the original and flows well. It's an interesting plot that's a take on 'big brother' in a slightly different way.

I found the plot intriguing, which made for compulsive reading; it's a page-turner!

Some parts I found a bit confusing, I got muddled up somewhat in the middle of the book, particularly where it sways between the Croatians and Italians. That may well have been due, in part, to my reading in the middle of the night as I found it hard to put down.


Rossetti is a great character - I found him likeable and believable, charming and amusing and good at his job. Amanda complements Rossetti and the pair work well together.

The book certainly gathers pace as it tumbles towards its conclusion. There are some fantastic suspenseful moments but also a couple of predictable turns. I'd like to read more of the Rossetti & MacLane series as it is translated.