Review: G is for for Genome (A-Z of Horror #7) by Iain Rob Wright

G is for Genome (A-Z of Horror Book 7) - Iain Rob Wright

Publication Date: 22nd April 2015


Publisher: SalGad Publishing Group




Rating: 4*




History should stay in the past


Dr Lester Solberg is an old man with ambition far behind him, but when a lucrative offer to work at a secret science facility is made to him, his curious nature will not allow him to refuse.

He could never have known what he would find in rural Slovakia, but he soon understands that whenever man tries to imitate God, only disaster follows. Faced with the biggest ethical dilemma of his life, Lester must decide which side he is on: science or humanity.



Another suitably shocking instalment of the A-Z of Horrors.
This is my favourite instalment so far, I absolutely love the believable plot - who is to say something similar isn't going on in some seemingly-abandoned warehouse somewhere right now?! Scientific advancements are simultaneously exiting and frightening to me, so I think this idea could easily be extended into a full-length novel, I'd certainly buy it.