Review: F is for Feral (A-Z of Horror #6) by Iain Rob Wright

F is for Feral (A-Z of Horror Book 6) - Iain Rob Wright

Publication date: 26th March 2015 


Publisher: SalGad Publishing Group 





Thirteen-year old Max is interested in only one thing: girls. Which is why his dreams come true when his lame caravanning holiday with his parents is lightened up by the arrival of three pretty girls his own age. They think Max is cute and want to hang out with him. It’s too good to be true. 

One of the girls wants to go to the nearby woods. It’s supposed to be haunted, ever since a girl died there. Max doesn’t care about that, though. He’s only interested in one thing: girls. 

They’ll be the death of him. 



Another great instalment in Iain Rob Wright's A-Z of Horror.

This short story series is fast becoming my favourite. 

Full of suspense, goriness and fear. Fantastic.