Review: E is for Exterminator (A-Z of Horror #5) by Iain Rob Wright

E is for Exterminator (A-Z of Horror Book 5) - Iain Rob Wright

Publication Date: 23rd March 2015


Publisher: SalGad Publishing Group


ASIN: B00V4X7P96


Rating: 4/5



Antworth Manor is in serious need of renovating, starting with all the bugs. Rats, spiders, and cockroaches have been making the place their home for over a decade now and they need dealing with. 

That’s why the new owner has sent in Christopher Treadwell, pest controller extraordinaire. But after 30 years in the extermination business, Treadwell is about to undertake the job of his nightmares. 
Sometimes the bugs don't want to go quietly... 



This latest installment of the A-Z of horror is about things that a lot of people find disturbing - bugs, rats, snakes, frogs... I don't find any of those particularly scary, rather the opposite. Having said that, this still managed to freak me out. Iain's gruesome descriptions are as good as ever, as is the plot.


I'm really enjoying these bite-sized pieces from the British master of horror and I'm looking forward to F!