Review: Celia Morgana & the Pirates of the Dragon Clan (Dragon Clan #1) by Suzanne Freyjadis

Celia Morgana and the Pirates of the Dragon Clan (Dragon Clan Series Book 1) - Suzanne Freyjadis

Publication Date: 24th February 2014 


Source: Review copy from author



Ruthless and cunning, the pirates of the Dragon Clan rule the Eastern Seas. The mere sight of their flag, emblazoned with a ferocious winged lizard, is enough to send ships fleeing straight back to harbor. Their reputation is legend, their exploits, rivaled only by books of fiction, and their wealth surpasses human imagination. Yet no one knows just how they pull off their magnificent acts of thievery, for the Dragon Clan has a secret, they have formed an alliance with powerful beings of magic thought only to exist in myth. Dragons. 

Celia Morgana is the daughter of a wealthy merchant, living a life of luxury and leisure. She is also incredibly bored, wishing only for a bit of adventure. When the ship she has boarded is attacked by the Dragon Clan, she sees not a terrifying ordeal, but a chance to at last have the excitement that she so desperately craves. And so begins her induction into the strangely fascinating life of a pirate of the Dragon Clan. However, being a pirate might be more than she anticipated, and her natural affinity for magic might make for more trouble than those of the Dragon Clan were expecting.



I'd like to thank the author for the review copy I received in return for an honest review. 


On the whole, this is a fun book. There is plenty of emotion at times, but the uplifting mood of the rest of this pirate tale more than makes up for that. It's an easy read that I'm sure will appeal very well to young adult,  and older readers. 

Celia is a likeable character, as are most of the Dragon Clan members,  particularly Bronwyn, Rex, Pascal and Captain Gawain.


The book is generally well written, but the close eye of a proofreader and/or editor could give it a more polished feel. 


I'm looking forward to finding out what the future holds for Celia and the rest of the Dragon Clan in the second instalment of the series.