Review: Magic Revealed (The Magic of the Heart #4) by Misha McKenzie

Magic Revealed (The Magic of the Heart Series Book 4) - Misha McKenzie

Publication Date: 24th January 2015


Publisher: Icasm Press


ISBN: 9781942318026


Source: Netgalley


Rating: 4/5



Born into an already-powerful family, Gideon Marquand is a special kind of witch. The most recent in a long line of super-witches, he is the first in over two hundred years to emerge possessing unlimited stores of magic. He is hunted-driven into hiding until the day when he can finally reclaim his rightful place among his family. Gideon has spent his entire life preparing for a showdown against an evil force bent on his destruction. But when fate intervenes and puts a broken and damaged woman in his path, Gideon knows he'll not only have to fight for his life...He'll have to fight to save the woman meant to be his.



I really enjoyed this fourth book in the Magic of the Heart series, despite previously reading only the first. The characters I encountered in that first book are joined by other Marquands and their significant others, and all blossom here. 

My only criticism is that the rather explicit sex scenes add nothing to the story and could put some readers off.

I like the author's writing style, it makes for easy reading and the story held my interest.

Ill be adding books two and three of the series to my TBR list and looking out for more books by Misha McKenzie.