Review: Magic Found (The Magic of the Heart #1) by Misha McKenzie

Magic Found (The Magic of the Heart Series Book 1) - Misha McKenzie

Publication Date: 24th January 2014


Publisher: Icasm Press


ISBN: 9780988980969


Source: NetGalley


Rating: 4/5



Marissa Spencer’s world has been turned upside down since waking up one morning with magical powers. She has no idea where they came from and controlling them has not been easy. To make matters worse, these new abilities seem to have brought with them a mysterious evil force that torments her dreams and tracks her down dark alleys. With the help of her sexy PI boss, Jack Slade—whom Marissa has always had a crush on—she will have to fight a battle for power that began before she was born. Along the way, she’ll discover a family she didn’t know she had, an inheritance she may not want, a strength she never knew was within her, and a love she’d only dreamed of.



Marissa is a likeable character, as are the other 'good' characters featured in this book, the first in the series. The premise is interesting, if a little predictable, and held my interest throughout. There is an obligatory 'baddie', a battle of good versus evil, a love story (with a couple of graphic seed scenes) and [spoiler] a happy ending.[/spoiler] I found myself cheering on Marissa and the rest of the good guys as they struggled against physical and mental enemies. 

I'll definitely be reading the next in this series.