Review: The Man in Two Bodies by Stanley Salmons

The Man in Two Bodies - Stanley Salmons

Publication Date: 11th February 2014


Publisher: Fingerpress


ISBN: 9781908824400


Source: Netgalley


Rating: 4½/5



Shunned by the scientific community for being ahead of his time... brilliant maverick Rodge Dukas works in a damp basement surrounded by outlandish equipment. His discovery could propel humanity to a new Golden Age. But his student friend Mike Barrett thinks bigger - use the discovery to carry out the Perfect Crime and grow unfeasibly rich.



What a great subject for a book. Highly reminiscent of The Fly, but without the fly, with just the teleportation pods. It's been done before, but that didn't make this book any less credible or fascinating. The prose is rich and well written and main characters Rodger, Mike and Suzy intriguing and likeable for the most part. Do they carry out the perfect crime? is there any such thing? Or is all criminal activity doomed to fail? Questions like these are answered at the shocking climax of this science fiction thriller. I did not see that one coming!