Review: Antisense by R. P. Marshall

Antisense - R.P. Marshall

Publication date: 1st November 2013


ISBN: 9781493615421


Source: Publishing Push


Rating: 4/5



What if you could evolve in a moment? What if you had the power to change the genetic future of your loved ones and the people they become - simply by the way you live your life? 

When neuroscientist Daniel Hayden’s father dies, such thoughts begin to erode his very sanity, with the growing fear that he might share a dark secret buried deep in his family’s past – a past he is about to relive. The idea only seems to gain credibility from the bizarre results coming from his own laboratory, forcing Daniel to resurrect the discredited theories of an eighteenth century naturalist in the process. Was Daniel’s fate sealed all those years ago? Has he been betrayed by his own DNA? 



This is a fascinating book containing a great deal of scientific reference. The author successfully weaves together what is happening at Daniel's laboratory with his search for the truth about his family. Lead character Daniel is well written and interesting, the story plausible.

The science is rather heavy at times and there were a couple of occasions where I felt slightly blinded by it, but this is my only criticism.


*I received a free copy of this eBook in return for an honest review*