Review: If I Can't Wave Like A Princess I Must Be A Loser by Kat Nove

If I Can't Wave Like a Princess I Must Be a Loser - Kat Nove

Publication Date: 17th February 2013




Source: Author


Rating: 4/5



Kat Nove has a skewed view of the world and she doesn't mind sharing it despite the world's restraining order against her. Join Kat as she satirises dating, pregnancy, holidays, game shows, menopause, book clubs, sex toys, cats, dogs and even babies.



This is an unusual book for me; although I don't mind a bit of satire, I'm not really fond of memoirs. This sounded like it might well be a bit of both. I wasn't sure whether the satire would resonate well with me, being across the pond from the author, so it was with trepidation that I started this book.

There were a couple of entries that, as a non-American, I just didn't understand, but that aside, I needn't have worried. Kat's sense of humour is fantastic and translates well,  several pieces in particular rendering me a giggling heap. If Kat's view of the world is skewed, then I guess mine is too. And I like it that way!

I'd recommend this eBook to readers that are fond of satirical humour, regardless of nationality. 


*eBook provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*