Review: Spirits of Christmas by Nicky Wells

Spirits of Christmas - Nicky Wells

Publication date: 3rd October 2013









ISBN: 9781492752370


Publisher: Author


Source: free eBook


Score: 4½/5




A Christmas Carol gets a thoroughly modern makeover as Scrooge becomes rock singer Dan Hunter. Will the egotistical  Dan see the error of his ways as he is visited by the rock ghosts of his past, present and future? Will his band mates and girlfriend forgive his narcissistic behaviour in time to save both his career and relationship?




This is a riveting romp of a retelling. It's funny and captivating, Dan is the perfect lead character; he's mean and moody, arrogant yet charming; your stereotypical lead singer! As he's visited by the annoyingly familiar spirits (see if you can work out who they are based on) and views himself through the eyes of his brow-beaten bandmates and long-suffering girlfriend, his eyes are opened to the monster he has become and he becomes desperate to salvage his personal relationships while he still can. As we get to see a softer side of Dan, his character becomes rather endearing.

A really good Christmassy read!