Review: Cover Your Eyes by Mary Burton

Cover Your Eyes - Mary Burton

Publication date: 28th October 2014


Publisher: Zebra


ISBN: 9781420132113


Source: Netgalley


3/5 stars



About the author:

Mary Burton is the New York Times bestselling and critically acclaimed author of I'm Watching YouDead RingerDying Scream, SenselessMerciless, Before She Dies andThe 7th Victim - all set in Virginia, USA, where Mary lives with her family. Her website is



Rachel Wainwright failed to overturn her brother Luke's conviction before he died in prison, so she is determined to prove that Jeb Jones is an innocent man and set him free from its prison cell. Detective Deke Morgan is ready to fight her every step of the way for he too has personal reasons why he believes the right man was caught thirty years ago; his father was the arresting officer in charge of the case. Rachel believes that a recent murder was carried out by the original killer, making it impossible for her client to be guilty. With the body count increasing, it's a race against time for Rachel and Deke to prove their conviction is right.


This is a fairly good crime thriller with a few twists and turns; professionals fighting it out, each to prove that they are right; a killer on the loose. Rachel is a well written and likeable character who, despite being a feisty attorney, has a naivety about her. Deke is likeable too, trying to prove his father right whilst infuriating Rachel at the same time.


The story is solid, if a little long-winded at times. I lost interest slightly in the middle section, when the pace seemed to slow up, but persevered to find out what happened at the end. A good ending, if a tad predictable, and a nice conclusion to the book.