Review: Diamond (Diamond #1) by Justine Elyot

Rough Diamond - Justine Elyot

Publication date: 14th August 2014


Publisher:  Black Lace


ISBN: 9780352347756


Source: Publisher


Score: 3/5



Her name is Jenna Diamond. She is about to meet her match…


Since the painful breakup with her famous musician husband Jenna has returned to England and bought a crumbling old house back in her hometown.


But Jenna discovers a mysterious stranger hiding out at Holderness Hall. Logic suggests she should alert the authorities, but when she looks at her sexy, young house guest Jenna finds it all too easy to let her heart rule her head…



I don't usually read much erotica, but wanted to read something in a genre I wouldn't usually read. The premise is quite interesting - a famous woman returns to her roots after a failed marriage - and the book is well written. Jenna is a likeable character, as is her surprise lodger, and their initial interactions are engaging. I'm just not so keen on all the graphic sex scenes! I'm no prude, but I guess I just prefer a little to be left to the imagination. 


I'm sure this book will be popular with fans of the genre, as there is a decent story and the book is well written. I'd consider reading another by this author because she writes in a way that brings the characters to life.